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Fruit Boxes Delivered to Your Office

It’s late in the afternoon and your employees and customers are hungry. Will they reach for the stale, salty, fatty potato crisps in your vending machine, coffee or energy drinks? That may solve the problem for a while, but unhealthy snacks carry a long-term cost. Fresh fruit delivered right to your office door is the ultimate solution for providing healthy snacks to your employees and customers when they need that afternoon “pick-me-up.”.

Each fresh fruit box that you order will contain a beautiful selection of hand-picked, irresistible fresh fruit that will temp your office and customers to make the healthy choice first. Your employees will have the option to choose between fresh crispy apples, ripe bananas, juicy satsumas or clementines, delectable plums, savory pears, tempting kiwis and delicious peaches or nectarines.

Fresh fruit is the ultimate option for afternoon snacking, as it provides the highest nutritional value for the lowest calorie cost. Fresh fruit also provides much needed fiber to help your employees and customers feel their best.

These fresh fruit boxes can be delivered to the greater Dublin area as often as you wish, even daily, to ensure that your office has the finest options available for daily snacking. Who would choose fatty, salty snacks when they have the finest fruits to choose from instead?

Most importantly, your choice to deliver fresh, healthy fruit to your office tells your customers and employees that their well-being is important to you.